Irrigation Systems & Sprinkler Repair in Missouri City, Texas

Ensure that your property remains green and healthy with state-of-the-art irrigation systems and professional sprinkler repair services from Advanced Water Works. We are based in Missouri City, Texas.

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Central Control Systems

Our equipment makes it possible for you to monitor and control large area sprinkler systems from a remote location. This control system is capable of performing many tasks, including setting sprinkler times and monitoring maintenance needs. This system is ideal for multi-property owners or businesses with a large amount of land.

Sprinkler, Advance Water Works Missouri City, Texas


One of the major issues regarding irrigation systems is water conservation. More than 80% of all water used in Texas is for summertime irrigation purposes and about 65% of that is used for commercial and residential landscaping purposes. Most of that 65% is wasted. 

Spinklers, Advance Water Works Missouri City, Texas Leaking sprinkler systems and loose fittings can result in large amounts of water loss over time. Not only can this cause personal financial strain, but it can also have a potentially harmful effect on your landscaping.

It is not enough to have your irrigation system installed properly. Advanced Water Works vows to maintain your sprinkler system's productivity and efficiency throughout the course of our business relationship. We will inspect the system regularly adjusting run time and noting all possible areas for repair and adjustment. Once you approve of the repairs, we will take the necessary steps to restore your sprinkler system to pristine condition.

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